Let It Storm
Our New Show

The Exclusive Strings will make your event unforgettable with their brand-new show … “Let it storm”!

“Let it Storm” is our most exciting and dynamic show ever.

It is guaranteed to bring a Wow factor to your event and leave your guests  with lasting memories.
Four nationalities, four different backgrounds, a revelation.
A clear theme runs continuously as the main ‘chord’ throughout The Exclusive Strings’ performances:
their concerts are a subtle display of cultures, masterfully interwoven.

From the opening number until the grand finale, The Exclusive Strings will captivate the audience with an infectious musical cocktail of classical and
pop. Their majestic pop version of ‘Eine kleine Nachtmusik’ would make even Mozart a fan! The world-renowned ‘Czardas’ provides the perfect
opportunity for this string quartet to show their incredible technical skill, and their ‘Rock & Roll medley’ is so engrossing that it will take all of  
the  audience's effort  just to remain in their seats. ‘Fiesta medley’ provides the musical climax, a perfectly fitting encore number.